The Perfect Bag For Travelling - Zara City Bag

The Zara City bag… I don’t even know how I heard about it but I’m so glad I did. After looking it up to see more photos before I bought it I found out that there was actually quite a hype around this bag and I can see why! I was originally going to buy it around September later this year before I went away but decided to earlier because I though it would come in handy before then. I find it so useful for travelling because it has a laptop padded pocket along with multiple other pockets and another padded for an iPad but I can also fit my camera in there instead. 

From the outside, the bag is massive. It can fit a 15 inch computer if that puts it in perceptive. You can fit everything you would usually put in your bag plus the extras such as a laptop, camera, books ect. 

I think it only comes in black but I could be wrong and it has a red inner lining. It comes with a shoulder strap which is super helpful. It has a really nice shape to it and feels pretty sturdy. Zara have some really nice bags in store at the moment which I would check out if your looking for a new one but this one had to be the go for me for travelling.  

What's Been Happening?

I haven’t blogged for nearly two weeks, which is actually ages for me seeing as I usually post every second day. I went away for five days to the beach during school two weeks ago which got me behind in work (even though I planned to get it done there -.-) and everything was due in the last week so I didn’t have much time to do anything else. I ended up coming home from school, eating dinner and just trying to get things done for the remainder of time which wasn’t fun at all so I’m trying to come up with a way of freeing up my time as I usually work on weekends so I’m not sure what to do at the moment...

Anyway, the weather was really lovely when I was away for a day or two and then it turned to more overcast cloudy whether which was still alright because my family, family friends and I went around to little towns surrounding where we were and tried new cafes and all that. I ate a lot of food that weekend though, including mini eggs and mini egg pancakes (not recommended) and just lots of junk so I’ve been eating a lot healthier since then but we’ll see how that continues through out the holiday break. 

As I finished all my assignments yesterday, today we left for for the beach again and we’re here for a week which should be really good. I spent today catching an early flight out and the rest of the day at the beach and went to a night market. There’s only an hour time difference where I am now but I feel like I’ve been hit with a bus, I’m so tired! I’m just glad to have some time off school and I’ll be posting more soon! 

Outfit Of The Day with Popbasic

Popbasic Sunday Collection

Popbasic Sunday Collection

Popbasic Sunday Collection

Popbasic Sunday Collection

As I've been trying to incorporate different styled posts into my blog besides the usual beauty I was delighted when I received the Sunday collection* from Popbasic. If you haven't heard of Popbasic before it's basically this great idea where each month or so they come out with a new collection featuring a piece of clothing and some jewellery. 

This months Sunday collection came with a light but long sleeved silk shirt (perfect for autumn, I'm thinking) and two wishbone pieces; a ring and a bangle. With everything being such good quality I've found myself a tad obsessed with their website, stalking through past collection and even their Facebook page, ha! 

I decided to match the shirt with a pair of ripped jeans, my favourite boots and a leather jacket I've found myself wearing constantly at the moment! The weather is quickly beginning to cool down, so I look forward to wearing more outfits like this in the months to come.