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Hawaii Part One

Last tuesday I jumped on a plane to Honolulu, Hawaii. Although I've visited America before I haven't been to Hawaii so I wasn't sure what to expect. So far I've been loving it so much. It has the same great shopping and food as the US but with added bonus of amazing whether and beaches! Plus it has it's own different culture which has made the visit so far really enjoyable. 

I was going to attempt to arrange these photos into some sort of order but I'm really not too sure what way would be the best. I've taken a lot of sunset photos here, back home I grab my camera whenever theres a decent sunset seeing as sunsets are my favourite landscapes to take photos of but in Hawaii everyday has an amazing sky so my camera is having a sunset overload. 

I bought my swimsuit in the fifth photo from Victoria Secret. I've never really been that into their swimers but I love these so much (mainly the top) and I think they're pretty different from your usual. The top is also super comfy and I'm constantly just wearing it out with shorts when I'm on the way to the beach or when just quickly heading out as I think you can get away with it as a top. The sixth photo is a coconut my sister bought from a market. First they open the top for you so you can drink the coconut water and then they split it so you can eat the middle which was lovely. The seventh photo is of the famous Hawaiian shaved ice - purchased from Obamas favourite shaved ice store ;) Further down is a breakfast I bought from a farmers market which is so damn good and also a lemonade to go with it.  


Outfit Of The Day #10 Part One

I've been putting off posting in ages... at first it was due to not having enough time with school work building up but recently I've realised I've just been finding other ways to keep myself busy. I'm currently in Hawaii and feeling really, really good. It's 8:53pm and I'm sitting on my balcony, it's dark so I'm looking onto the lit up buildings but if light enough I would have a pretty decent view of the beach. It's a comfortable 24 degrees and has been a really amazing day. Sometimes I get into these moods where I'm incredibly happy but also very nostalgic so I could go on forever about what's happening right now but I'm going to get onto talking about this outfit.

These pants for me are a lifesaver. Whenever I'm not feeling very confident or happy with my body I wear these because I feel they're really flattering, slimming and the vertical lines work with my short build. They're also easy to dress up or down, in part one of these posts I'm wearing them how I would if I was dressing them up and then in part two I've captured how I would wear them casually. I always pair black with these pants - one reasons because black is such a comfort zone colour and of course if I'm not feeling the greatest that's the colour I go for and two because I don't really own much white and I find black the easiest pair it with, so to add a pop of colour but still make me feel comfortable I throw on this teal scarf.  

Unfortunately I didn't bring my scarf with me so I've forgotten where it's from but my pants are from Cotton On, my jacket is Billabong, my tee shirt is Calvin Klein and the boots Joanne Mercer. 

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and I have some photos of the amazing hawaiian landscape I want to share so I'm looking forward to posting more!  :~)


Artist Focus: Jungle

Jungle, jungle, jungle!
My last artist focus featured Raleigh Ritchie, who is still a prime favourite but since then I've been listening to Jungle non stop, who coincidentally are also from the UK. 

Jungle is a band described as being "modern soul" on Wikipedia haha and their music puts me in a seriously good mood. Waking up in the morning, running, eating, whatever, do it listening to Jungle. My current favourite of theirs is Julia which you can't actually find on Youtube yet so I made a sneaky purchase on iTunes but I also love their other songs - The Heat, Time, Busy Earnin' and Platoon. 

Their music videos are pretty cool too featuring some ace dancing and are completely fitting with the mood of their music. I've got a feeling Jungle is going to get crazy popular soon, it's just a matter of time and they're touring the US at the moment (or in a months time?) so get on to it while you can. I'm bummed I missed them in Australia earlier this year but hopefully they'll be back soon. 


Outfit Of The Day #9

These ripped jeans from Zara are seriously comfortable. The rips are backed with white material which I wasn't sure if I was going to like at first but after realising that my other ripped jeans have been trashed from stretched rips the material works really well in maintaing the messy look for longer. These jeans are loosish which is relief from skinny jeans and I've found Zara denim to be so soft. 

I usually pair these jeans which something equally as comfortable, such as a jumper or loose tshirt. This jumper is from Zara which I've show way too many times but it's a favourite. My shoes are Converse, just to add to the comfort and my little bag/pouch thing is random, I have no idea where it's from.  


The Weekend: Sunny Beach Day

It's winter in Australia and some days we're lucky if we even see the sun where I live. This weekend was so sunny though and on sunday the sky was cloud free. It took a lot of sweet talking to get people in the car to come to the beach with me but once we got there they didn't regret it. 

Seeing as it is winter, it was still fairly chilly outside and was around 12 degrees in the morning. After we hung out at the beach for a bit we went to breakfast at possibly once of my favourite places. It's one of the chillest cafes which will throw anything on a plate for you, including gluten free toast. I definitely didn't go for the healthiest option but no regrets besides no going for scrambled eggs.

I spent the rest of the day in the sun, reading and I also went for a crazy long run. Such a good weekend seeing as I didn't have anything school or work related to do.