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Music Favourites #1

I recently found out about Glass Animals, I hadn't listened to any of their music before but after hearing a small snippet of Gooey I knew I'd like their music. The song Pools makes me so incredibly happy, ah I love it so much! 

I came across Talk Is Cheap by Chet Faker on Triple J when they played a recording of him live in concert and after listening to the original, I actually like it better when it's without all the background sounds. I love listening to the live version here, his voice is so amazing and the lyrics are just, great. So, so good. 

And of course I had to add in Raleigh Ritchie's new song, Birthday Girl. Lilly Allen also covered his song Stronger Than Ever which I wasn't really into but he's getting the much deserved attention for his music, which is so exciting!   


Breakfast Ideas / Gluten Free Porridge

What you need: 

What to do: 


Pretty basic! Obviously you can use whatever fruits  (banana, goji) you like along with whatever milk (soy, skinny). Just something to keep in mind - the brown rice is rougher and harder even when cooked compared to the white rice which is softer like cooking non-flattened rice, almond milk makes the porridge more gluggy but nothing too bad and I find the full cream milk is absorbed more and faster by the rice. 

I also had a similar thing at a cafe a few days ago but it was made with coconut milk and was topped with banana jam and seeds and that was sooo good. You could pretty well add whatever you like or what's in the fridge. Perfect for winter. 


Almay Trio Intense i-colour Smoky-i For Greens

Almay Trio Intense i-colour Smoky-i  For Greens

I don't have green eyes but my mum does and she gave this trio to me after not being able to make it work for herself. That was a decent year or so ago and only recently have I started to love it. Firstly, the pigmented of the shadows are really great and they blend so smoothly. Secondly, the shades go really well together although I don't wear them as suggested. As it says on the back and how the shades are shaped, it's intended that the purple is used for the lid, the mauve-y shade for the crease and the pink above that but I personally think the dark purple would be too dark for me on my lid so I use the mauve shade on the lid, the purple in the outer corner and the pink in the inner corner. I also take the purple under the middle of the lower lashes to the edges and the pink under the lower lashes from the inner corner outwards and then I blend, blend, blend. 

The shades are all shimmery but I don't find them too over the top - the only one I'd look out for is the pink shade which is the most eye catching. I definitely get the most wear out of the middle one which looks great on it's own but also on top of the Maybelline Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze. From looking at the website they still carry this line of shadows but the shades seem to be different, I'd still give them a shot though because the quality is really good especially for the price. 

What's your favourite product from Almay? Have you tried their shadows?


Outfit Of The Day #8

Outfits of the day featuring Zara seem to becoming a regular thing now. This shirt and jacket are two things I also purchased along with this blazer when I went to a little but big shopping trip a while a go now. My shirt is from Zara which I've since seen worn with white jeans and looked amazing! I think although the shirt is basic it's also bright which means it looks really good with other clean basic clothing so if I had white jeans I would definitely pair them with this shirt. My jacket is from Billabong - an unexpected purchase from me seeing as I don't think I've ever bought something from that brand! I found it in Ozmosis and has been great on colder days for layering or zipping up. My jeans are from RES Denim and my necklace is from a seller on Etsy who I'm unsure of now, as it got given to me so long ago! 

The shirt with jeans, I like better untucked but I think it would also look nice tucked into a skirt or I can imagine it looking good semi tucked into boyfriend jeans. 

How would you wear this shirt?


Staying Motivated

Staying motivated for me, even at the best of times, can be hard. Sometimes it’s hard to overcome thoughts like “what's the point?” or to see why your efforts will be worth the hard work if there isn’t a clear reward. A lot of things I don’t want to do require a ton of self-motivation as they just have to be done and even with some things I want to do, I need to give myself a push in the right direction.

Studying / Working / School
Studying or even putting an effort in at school is something I haven’t really cared to do in the past. I didn’t really see the point in studying or doing my homework when there were ‘better’ things I could’ve been doing and I’ve never really had any pressure from my parents, family or friends to lift my game. I think in school it can be easy to get through doing the minimum amount of everything and with that it means that there’s no disappointment - but there’s also no satisfaction. Studying for exams or tests is something I couldn’t fully imagine myself doing until I started, as tedious or annoying as studying can be when I think back to my subjects now I don’t remember how long I spent studying but instead I remember my grade and how I felt receiving that.

Although, there are times when I give in and don’t really see the meaning behind a letter or a percentage on a piece of paper, similar to work when I don’t see the worth behind the hours but I have to remind myself that these are excuses I’m creating while only looking at the negatives of the effort compared to the positives of the reward.

With exercise I find it pretty easy to get motivated, I know that if I don’t do any I end up feeling disappointed and it weighs on my mind. Going for a twenty minute run is one hundred percent better than a night of regret that I didn’t do anything at all. I can usually come up with a bunch of reasons why I can’t go on a run (it’s too cold, too hot, I’m too tired) but deep down I know that there’s so many more positives (I get to take time to listen to music, I’ll sleep better, feel better).

When I do struggle to find motivation though somethings I try to update my running playlist or give myself something to look forward to (e.g. a hot shower after I get back, running a new route). I think also coming up with a schedule is useful as it gives you a goal but also sometime to rest. I try to go for a run every week day but then on the weekend it’s optional, this ensures I don’t feel guilty when I don’t go of a run on the weekend but keeps me motivated during the week. 

Eating Healthy
I find eating healthy somewhat hard to do. The border between healthy and not healthy is very blurred in my opinion and I don’t really see where one side starts and the other one finishes. In my house we usually have a pack of chips in the cupboard but also apples on the table and really the choice of what you pick is yours. My sister eats a lot of sweets and most of the time when she buys something for herself, she’ll buy something for me. I find this incredibly hard to turn down but besides that I would say I eat fairly well. 

My problem with eating healthy is that food is constantly on my mind, I seriously lie in bed thinking about what I’m going to make for breakfast. I love food and I don’t really question what I eat as I find it’s mostly healthy but I do eat a lot. The only thing I’ve found with eating healthy is that it’s crazy hard to go cold turkey. Completely blocking out everything that is classified unhealthy, would make me go insane, sometimes I want the Kraft peanut butter instead of the organic one jeeez. For me I know I’ve got to have pizza every once in a while and I’m not going to feel bad about that if I feel good about everything else I’ve been eating :)

Overall, one thing I’ve learnt this year is sometimes the reward from hard work is just feeling good. Studying, exercising and eating healthy are three things that sometimes aren’t exactly the funnest thing to be doing at the time but they all provide me with peace of mind and satisfaction at the end of the day. It’s always easier to take the “I don’t care” “what’s the point” highroad and trust me, I do it a lot  but how will I ever know my potential if I don’t push my limits or put some effort in. 

"If you're searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror."